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Maintain Your Independence

Unlike many agencies, SolV believes that your clients belong to you. Any client that you have a relationship with prior to contracting with SolV belongs to you. SolV Powered Independent Consultants enjoy knowing that the value of their book of business belongs to them, and can provide a path to residual income when and if they decide to slow down.

Focus on What Matters

If you are like many independent consultants today, you have been disenfranchised by a lack of support by your agency. Maybe you left to do your own thing. The founders of SolV did too. We’ve worked hard to build the back-office that a forward thinking, trusted advisor needs to grow their book of business, while leaving the fluff and demand for high profits behind.

Not Your Mama’s Back Office

There are a lot of resources for small group brokers. SolV specializes in large group, national, self-funded and reference based priced groups. A SolV Powered Independent Consultant can use our platform to provide the ongoing service his or her clients need, without the additional overhead.

Groups We Serve

SolV focuses on groups in any state with more than 100 employees. We are currently licensed as an agency in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas & Washington. We have agent licenses in a total of 23 states. Our entire suite of deliverables is available to any group with 100 or more enrolled employees on medical, and on a case-by-case basis for all other groups. A SolV Powered Independent Consultant is welcome to live, work, and produce business anywhere in the US.

Maintain Your Book

The SolV Powered Consultant is given everything that they need to maintain and grow their book of business. With all of the powerful resources of a top tier brokerage firm and without the stressful and unnecessary demands, a SolV Powered Independent Consultant is afforded the opportunity to do what they do best.

Get the Tools to Compete

Whether it’s comprehensive commission tracking, a robust support team, or access to actuaries and underwriters, SolV Powered Independent Consultants are given a full suite of back-office support tools that will let you compete on a higher level. The entire suite of SolV deliverables is provided for a flat percentage of client revenue, regardless of the size of your book of business. Whether it’s for one client or 10, you get the tools you need.

The Nitty-Gritty

Want an idea of what a SolV Powered Independent Consultant gets when they place their business with SolV?

  • Industry leading compensation splits (45% new, 40% ongoing)
  • Comprehensive monthly commission reporting
  • A fully staffed and experienced support team backed by the SolV Career Trail training platform
  • Access to all resources and tools for themselves and their clients including:
    • Delivery-ready compliance solutions backed by Compliance Dashboard©, Benefit Comply© and ERISA Attorneys from Trucker-Huss, APC
    • Human Resources tools from ThinkHR©, HR360© and Zywave©
    • Communications that will blow your clients socks off like custom mobile applications, digital flip books, animated and professionally recorded new hire and open enrollment presentations
  • Access to the SolV Strategy Cloud, a comprehensive brain trust of industry leading strategic concepts applicable to large groups
  • Access to Zywave© tools including Decision Master Warehouse, Plan Advisor, and Broker Briefcase
  • Access to the SolV Benefits Advocacy Team (BAT) line staffed by knowledgeable and bilingual advocates for employee-level support that is available by phone, online chat, or text
  • An in-house, full-time internal new business development team for vetted prospect appointments

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