Revolutionize your Health Care Solutions for Your Business with SolV

As healthcare costs continue to rise, the consultants at SolV Independent Insurance Associates offer innovative tailored solutions to organizations seeking to reduce expenses while enhancing coverage.

Our team at SolV recognizes the critical importance of reliable and affordable healthcare. Millions of Americans remain uninsured or underinsured, contributing to financial instability and economic strain.

CEO Scott Kelley explains, “We can do better. We must do better. And we can only do better by breaking the system and forcing it to work for us.”

Kelley says that SolV has found a solution by negotiating directly with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. This direct approach enables the creation of bespoke insurance products at significantly lower costs compared to traditional offerings.

“Our approach is simple yet yields substantial results,” adds Kelley. “Many clients experience a remarkable 40 to 50% decrease in insurance plan costs through our innovative programs. We achieve this by crafting customized insurance programs that prioritize fair hospital reimbursements and implement prescription drug initiatives to cover medications.”

At SolV, superior customer service is paramount. President Brittney Bello underscores our commitment, stating, “We maintain an industry-low client-to-service team ratio and cap our profit margin at 10%, ensuring maximum savings for our clients.”

SolV Independent Insurance Associates is ready to address the demand for dependable and cost-effective insurance solutions. Their commitment extends to offering free consultations to showcase how customized strategies can save money and enhance employee benefits.