SolV and Adept Benefits Announce Partnership

The Partnership

Effective May 1st, 2022, SolV Independent Insurance Associates has partnered with Adept Benefits. Like SolV, Adept is an independent benefits consulting firm committed to bringing transparency and truth to an industry that has veered off its path, fueled by corporate greed. SolV and Adept are partnering to provide their clients with comprehensive, cost-saving employee benefit solutions with expertise, excellence, independence, and integrity.

Aligned Mission & Values

SolV and Adept share a common conviction that the interests of employers and their employees must come first. In the healthcare industry, this is unfortunately often not the case. For decades, employer and employee interests have been subordinated to the vested interests within the complex and conflicted healthcare industry. Hard-working families, and the employers that provide benefits to them, end up footing the bill for the $935 billion of annual waste in the U.S. healthcare system. Both our companies think that is wrong – and worth doing something about.

SolV and Adept have each been independently owned since their inception and both entities have operated with full financial and ethical transparency to their clients, partners, and vendors. This integral part of the core principles of SolV and Adept speaks to the value of our partnership. We recognize that true transparency is the only path to building genuine and lasting trust with our clients. SolV and Adept’s passion and dedication to bringing clients best-in-class service not only sets us apart from others in the industry, but also makes our partnership a natural fit that we believe will benefit our employees and our clients. We are thrilled to continue building on our client-centric mission, together.

The Details

Adept is an independent benefits advisory firm headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. Adept brings great experience in innovative benefit plan design, self-funding, reference-based pricing, pharmacy optimization, and especially direct contracting.

Moving forward, both companies will be operating fully under the SolV brand.


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