Brittney Bello Achieves Elite Health Benefits Transparency Recognition

Brittney Bello has been accepted to join the rigorous Health Rosetta Advisor Program. This distinction sets her apart as a truly innovative advisor, one committed to reshape healthcare’s status quo while improving their client organizations’ financial future and their employee’s productivity.

Dave Chase, founder of Health Rosetta had this to say about this class of advisors: “Forward-leaning benefits experts are the vanguard that are worth their weight in gold. They’ve left behind wasteful, obsolete approaches that plague most employers. They’re the architects of the Health Rosetta. I can’t thank them enough. They take what Margaret Mead once said to heart: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’”

Brittney is one of only about 150 such Health Rosetta advisors that exist across the country today. “It is a rare honor,” she says, “and a wonderful feeling to be recognized as we work to re-shape the industry. Our mission has always been to do away with the waste that has traditionally left employers spending more each year on health insurance and getting less in benefits. This membership is a good sign that we’re making tremendous strides in that journey.”

With the Health Rosetta Advisor Program, our clients will gain access to an even broader array of techniques that have helped all types of organizations reduce their healthcare spending by 20% or more. We look forward to working with more California companies to implement reference based pricing, transparent pharmacy benefits, direct primary care, and other transformative practices. These techniques and more are covered in Dave Chase’s book.

About Brittney

Brittney is the COO and co-founder of SolV Insurance Services. Since 2016, SolV has worked to drive change in the insurance consulting industry by pushing for more transparency and outstanding service. Brittney oversees the service department while helping to drive strategic solutions for her clients.

About Health Rosetta

Health Rosetta provides a blueprint for high-performance health benefits sourced from the real life experience of public & private employers and unions across the country. They’re working to build an ecosystem that taking the best practices being implemented across the country and uses them to scale healthcare’s fixes.

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